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Without proper training, the GRE® test can be extremely stressful.Test takers may be concerned about doing well on the exam and ultimately getting into the college program of their choice. The last week of preparation for the GRE® test is perhaps the most stressful. It is crunch time and the hours left to study are running out. Instead of feeling anxious, come up with a plan to successfully make it through the week before your GRE® test. Here are some tips to staying healthy and happy during the week leading […]
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The GRE® test is an exam required for many graduate level programs. At first glance, this test can seem overwhelming and daunting. Luckily, with the proper prep for the GRE® test , students have nothing to worry about. Preparing for the GRE® test takes time and dedication, but it is well worth it in the end when you receive an excellent score. Here are four ways to maximize your test prep for the GRE® test.   Sign Up for an Online Course   Test prep for the GRE® test is a […]
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Once you decide to attend graduate school, you know the GRE® test is in your future. You may schedule a prep course for the GRE® test or buy a few study books. But before you can truly map out your preparation for the GRE® test, you need to choose a test date. Like many standardized tests, the GRE® test requires you to do more than just show up on test day. Here’s what you need to know about when and how to take the GRE® test. Choosing a Test […]
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While studying for a big exam like the GRE® test may feel completely different from the rest of your life, it has a lot in common with other challenging tasks. In fact, in your life so far, you have undoubtedly developed skills and knowledge that will benefit you in your prep for the GRE® test. Let’s look at some life lessons we’ve all encountered and explore how they improve your study for the GRE® test. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel While it can be thrilling to set out on […]
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Studying for the GRE® test is no small task. Unlike school courses, where exams are typically cumulative and your regular attendance prepares you for the test, the GRE® test requires a wide array of knowledge. For this reason, the GRE® test also requires a different sort of preparation. While in-person classes worked well for your high school and undergraduate exams, the GRE® test needs something more significant. Read on to discover how online GRE preparation is the bigger, better way to get ready for test day. Flexibility Unlike […]
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With all the GRE® test resources available, it’s reasonable to wonder if an online GRE® test course is your best option. Many test-takers choose to use books or classroom instruction. However, when you evaluate the benefits of each method, studying for your GRE® test online is clearly the best option. Will an online training course for the GRE® test prepare you for the test? Simply put, yes. And here’s why. Personalized Instruction Classroom GRE® test instruction follows a predetermined path with very few alterations, regardless of students’ needs. […]
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Studying for a major exam like the GRE feels daunting to say the least, especially when you’re just starting out. It seems as though there are endless study options, and “just get started” isn’t great advice unless you know where to begin. To make your GRE preparation easier, follow these three simple steps. Because these tasks set you on a successful path, you’ll find your stress is gone as you settle down to work. Check Your Calendar GRE® test preparation absolutely requires that you plan ahead. In fact, […]
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If you hope to attend graduate school in the United States, it is more than likely that the schools you are eyeing will require you to take the GRE® test. The GRE® test (or Graduate Record Examination ) is a computer-based exam that measures general knowledge and skills in three main areas: Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing. The exam takes a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes. Today we will take a brief look at the material each exam section covers and what you can expect on test day. […]
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Studying for the GRE ® test seems like a monumental task. Take comfort in knowing that many grad school hopefuls have slain this dragon before you! There is a way. Follow the steps of those who have gone before you. Even if you feel like you are just endlessly plodding along, you will get there!   Take a Practice GRE® Test As nerve-wracking as it can be to take on a massive test that you don’t feel prepared to conquer yet, you need to establish a baseline for […]
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