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GRE® Test Preparation Made Easier

By Melanie On Mar 26, 2019 In  General GRE Study Plans 


Studying for a major exam like the GRE feels daunting to say the least, especially when you’re just starting out. It seems as though there are endless study options, and “just get started” isn’t great advice unless you know where to begin. To make your GRE preparation easier, follow these three simple steps. Because these tasks set you on a successful path, you’ll find your stress is gone as you settle down to work.

Check Your Calendar

GRE® test preparation absolutely requires that you plan ahead. In fact, you will find that your studying is far more successful when you schedule it in advance. To begin your scheduling, create an account on the ETS website and check the seat availability for the test dates you prefer. Most GRE® test-takers allow between 1-3 months to study. With this in mind, choose an exam date that will allow you sufficient time to prepare. Furthermore, remember that not all study time is created equal. For example, if your preparation spans a holiday season, vacation, or university exam week, remember that those periods will likely not be productive in your GRE® test preparation.

Make a Study Plan

It may appear that the seemingly endless resources for GRE® test preparation make studying for the exam simpler. Unfortunately, often the opposite is true. Which book, website, or class should you follow? Some test takers try to use all the resources at once, leaving them burnt out and confused. Others pick and choose from a variety of options, which results in gaps and inconsistencies in their knowledge. Ultimately, your best option for a study plan is choosing one comprehensive resource, such as a quality GRE® test prep course, and sticking with it. Knowing exactly when and what to study throughout your preparation period makes all the difference.

Use Your GRE® Test Preparation Time Effectively

In addition to choosing a quality study plan, you also need to be intentional about the way you spend your study time. First, ensure that your circumstances are conducive to studying. For instance, don’t try to complete your day’s GRE® test prep in a crowded cafe without noise-canceling headphones. Secondly, set aside long enough study periods to get yourself in a groove without overdoing it. Fifteen or twenty minutes at a time won’t give you the opportunity to really connect with the materials, but more than two hours might find your brain burnt out and unable to retain anything. Finally, use a program that takes you through the material systematically. Jumping around between sections and concepts may cause more harm than good.

Beginning your GRE® test training can feel like an insurmountable task. However, by following these simple steps, you will be well on your way to effective and successful GRE® test preparation. If you are looking for the best online preparation for the GRE® test on the market, check out EMPOWER Test Prep. We offer a score boost guarantee and a free 24-hour trial. Get started today!