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The video lessons in the Empower course are the best part of the course. They’re really informative and helped me to relearn all the math (that I hadn’t done in 10 years!!) and all the vocabulary I needed to know for the verbal section. The energy that Rich and Max bring to the whole process is amazing! I got a 166 on math, a 164 on verbal (!) and I couldn’t be happier! Score: 166Q/164V

- Dana G.


One of my morning rituals before taking a practice MST was to listen to the podcasts again. They helped me to get pumped up, remember what I practiced and get ready to get to work. I did it on test day too and the results speak for themselves: 170/165. You guys are awesome! Score: 170Q/165V

- Chris P.


I spent $1100 on another course that didn’t help me improve much (I won’t say the name but it rhymes with “Faplan” ;p) before I had even heard of Empower GRE. With your course, in 2 months I raised my math score 15 points and my verbal score 12 points – 165 on math, a 163 on verbal on the official GRE. If there was a way to give you all that money I wasted elsewhere, I would. Score: 165Q/163V

— Sam A.


On test day, every time I saw a QC, I could hear Rich like he was sitting next to me. I didn’t have to think about what to do, I just did the work (and it was easy!). I’m not even a great test taker (I got an 1810 on the SAT), but the GRE was a different story. Score: 167/165

— Sarah B.


3 months with you guys is the best time and money that I’ve ever spent. Score: 168Q/162V

— Mara T.


Okay, I hate having to study for all standardized tests, but you guys made this kind of fun. Score: 166Q/164V

— Soo H.

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