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Is Online GRE® Test Preparation Better Than an In-Person Class?

By Melanie On Apr 23, 2019 In  General GRE Study Plans 


Studying for the GRE® test is no small task. Unlike school courses, where exams are typically cumulative and your regular attendance prepares you for the test, the GRE® test requires a wide array of knowledge. For this reason, the GRE® test also requires a different sort of preparation. While in-person classes worked well for your high school and undergraduate exams, the GRE® test needs something more significant. Read on to discover how online GRE preparation is the bigger, better way to get ready for test day.


Unlike the school days that fill themselves naturally with learning, your GRE® test training is likely outside of your daily routine. With this in mind, EMPOWER Test Prep crafted its online GRE® test preparation course with flexibility in mind. Regardless of your work schedule, daily routine, or life’s demands, the course is ready and waiting for you when you are available. In-person classes cannot offer this level of personalization. Finding a class that suits your schedule and lifestyle can be challenging, and you have a life to live. Online test prep puts you in charge and gives you the option to learn more when you have the chance.

Cost Efficiency

As a candidate for the GRE® test, you are no stranger to the cost of education. Unfortunately, test prep is no exception. In-person class opportunities cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars and offer a limited curriculum based on the instructor and your classmates’ current placement. In contrast, online GRE® test preparation is far more affordable while also offering a much wider range of instruction based on your needs. So not only do you save money in the long run, you get far more for the money you do spend.

Instant Feedback With Real Simulations

While you’ll complete problems and take practice tests in the classroom, the environment does not prepare you for the real exam. Additionally, practice tests are often not graded or returned for days after completion. Instant feedback is necessary to effectively address the parts of the GRE that challenge you. Thankfully, online preparation for the GRE® test provides just that. Even better, receive insight into your patterns, improvement, and progress through an online study platform. Even an individual tutor wouldn’t chart out the ways you have grown!

Online preparation for the GRE® test might seem less ideal than a traditional in-person class; however, many students are surprised to discover just how effective in interactive online test prep platform can be. The unique format and purpose make online studying superior in almost every way. Why pay for a limited, inflexible instruction when the exam is designed to measure your wider functional knowledge? Take the course that matches the test. Learn more on the EMPOWER Test Prep course tour here.