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Benefits of an Online Prep Course for the GRE® Test vs. an In-person Course

By Melanie On Aug 13, 2019 In  General GRE 


The best way to study for the GRE® test is to sign up for a prep course. A professional prep course will give you the materials and strategies necessary to succeed on the GRE® test.  Did you know that you can take a prep course for the GRE® test entirely online from the comfort of your own home? The benefits of an online prep course GRE® test versus a traditional in-person course are numerous. Here are some reasons to sign up for an online prep course today!  
Flexible Schedule
Taking an online prep course for the GRE® test gives students much more flexibility. Instead of having a specific night each week where they meet for class, they can pick their own study hours, as studying is all done on their personal device. This is especially helpful for students who are still working on their undergraduate degrees and are busy with classes and coursework.
Study from Anywhere
Another benefit of taking a prep course online is that the materials are all accessible from your personal device. You can study anywhere!  Study from home, Starbucks, the library, the Metro while commuting, or even a hotel room while traveling. The options are endless!
24/7 Access to Materials
Taking a prep course online also gives students 24/7 access to materials. No longer do students have to wait until their weekly class to get study materials and strategies. Resources including skills lessons, podcasts, and practice questions are available online whenever needed.
Save Money
Last but not least, an online prep course saves students hundreds of dollars. At EMPOWER Test Prep, students can sign up for a course for just $49. Some in-person prep classes can cost over $1,000! Grad school is already expensive. Why spend so much money upfront on a class when you can prepare online for a much more affordable price?  
Taking an online prep course for the GRE® test certainly isn’t traditional, but it has so many benefits. It gives busy students the flexibility to study from anywhere at any time. The numerous resources are available at the touch of a button allowing students to feel even more prepared for their test. Perhaps most importantly, the cost of an online course for the GRE® test is significantly less than an in-person class. Wait no longer, and sign up for an online prep course with EMPOWER Test Prep today. Rest assured knowing that you can flexibly prepare for your upcoming GRE® test without added stress and anxiety. Contact EMPOWER Test Prep today for more information.