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Who Has Their MBA?

By admin On Oct 9, 2014 In  General GRE Math 


If you are considering a Masters of Business Administration degree, you may be surprised of the notable people have them. While advancing you edcuation will almost guarentee a more promising career path, receiving your MBA is just the starting point. While you may have different reasons why you want to obtain one, check out these notable figures who have already have the degree as their backgrounds might inspire you to do something big!

Michael Bloomberg

Name sound familiar? Michael Bloomberg is known for many things like serving as the New York City mayor for three terms and having an estimated net worth over $27 billion! Bloomberg received his MBA in 1966 from Harvard Business School and is the 16th most wealthiest person in the world. He is the founder of Bloomberg L.P. which is the global finanical data and media company that boasts his name. Since its founding in 1981, Bloomberg L.P. has grown considerably into different mediums such as news, a global television network, a radio station, websites, and newsletters. Bloomberg continues to enjoy his very successful career in which he couldn’t have done without his MBA.

Tim Cook

What smartphone do you have, is it an iPhone? Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple which makes the notrious “i” line of products from laptops to phones to tablets. Cook graduated from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 1988 where he got his MBA that has helped him run numerous businesses. While he works at Apple, Cook serves on the board of directories for Nike and the NFL. In 2012 Time magazine included Cook on their annual list of “100 Most Influencial People in the World.” Even though Cook grew up in the small town of Mobile, Alabama, he was able to pursue his academic dreams and has landed his career with a $400 million net worth.

From the stock market to iPhones, getting a Masters of Business Administration degree can virtually be for anyone who puts their mind to it. You could be like Bloomberg – start a business and expand it into multiple ventures or be like Cook – who was from a small town and now works as the CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

No matter the reason you choose to pursue a MBA, keep in mind the stepping stones it takes to get there. You have to start with the GMAT to get into any respected business program and you can find the best online GMAT prep courses to help you get the top scores! What are you waiting for?