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5 Signs of a Great GMAT Online Prep Course

By admin On Sep 22, 2014 In  General GRE 

If you are thinking of entering into a business school, then you must prepare yourself for the GMAT, which is no easy task. With so many individuals working on furthering their education, there is no doubt that there are many GMAT prep courses out there, both online and traditional. Here are five signs a GMAT prep course knows what it’s doing and will really make the difference for you: 

  1. 1. The right price. We’re just going to get this out of the way first: if you’re paying $1,000 or more to prepare for the GMAT, you’re paying too much. Companies that offer GMAT online prep courses know that for many students the GMAT is make-or-break and they capitalize on that pressure by charging excessive prices. It’s true a good GMAT prep course is valuable, and you don’t want to go with one so cheap it doesn’t deliver, but there are exceptional courses out there that charge only $100-$200 per month. With only one to three months of prep time needed, that’s a bargain.
  2. 2. Behind-the-scenes training. The GMAT is fundamentally different from many standardized tests in that it intentionally tries to play mind games with the people taking it. Mastering the GMAT isn’t as simple as just knowing the answers to the questions, or practicing your skills (though that will help). It comes down to understanding the psychology of the test’s structure. Specifically, the GMAT uses dummy questions to waste your time and will quickly funnel you into harder or easier question paths based on your early answers. Every GMAT online prep course should be based on this strategic side of the test.
  3. 3. Covers pacing and elimination. One of the biggest obstacles for otherwise fully prepped GMAT test takers is running out of time. At three and a half hours, the GMAT is an endurance run and it will constantly try to get you to waste your time on questions that are worthless or nearly impossible. A good prep course will prepare you to pace yourself appropriately and train you to recognize questions you shouldn’t bother answering.
  4. 4. Non-tangibles. Test prep isn’t just about studying. It’s also about making sure you will be in the right place mentally and physically the day you take the test. The best GMAT online prep courses help you take care of yourself so you’re in the best shape to focus and succeed.
  5. 5. IR tactical guide. The “Integrated Reasoning” (IR) section of the GMAT is a labyrinth of questions designed to trip you up. A big part of succeeding at this section is simply managing your stress and being as efficient as possible—and your prep course should teach you both aspects.

How are you training for the GMAT?