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Six Reasons to Choose an Online Course for the GRE® Test

By Melanie On Jun 18, 2019 In  General GRE 


The GRE® test is an important exam required by many universities to get into graduate school. This exam demands a lot of studying and many students opt to take a prep course. Most prep courses require you to meet somewhere for a few hours each week.  The courses are expensive and very structured. Taking an online course for the GRE® test gives students much more freedom and flexibility and it is designed to benefit different types of learners. Here are six reasons to choose an online course for the GRE® test over taking a traditional class. 
Affordable Price
Traditional prep courses for the GRE® test can be over $1,000. At EMPOWER Test Prep, the online course for the GRE® test is only $49. Get high-quality test prep while saving around $1,000!
Customizable Study Plan
EMPOWER Test Prep has six different study plans to choose from. Students can pick which study plan works best for them and track their growth using the dashboard feature. Traditional prep courses for the GRE® test are more likely to give students one or two study methods. The online course with EMPOWER Test Prep has study plans for all different types of students. 
6 Point Improvement Guarantee
EMPOWER Test Prep has a 6 point guarantee. If you do not boost your score on the GRE® test by 6 points after taking the course, you will get a full month’s refund. This online course provides the offer because they are confident that their study tools will help all students to improve their GRE® test scores. 
24 Hour Trial
Another benefit of taking this online course is the 24-hour guarantee. Students can sign up for a full account and cancel within 24 hours, free of charge. This gives students the opportunity to explore the course and figure out if it is their best option.
Study Anywhere
One of the best reasons to take an online course for the GRE® test is that you can study from anywhere. Access your course from home, a local coffee shop, or at a hotel on vacation. Fit in the course where you see best during the day without having to worry about the obligation of meeting with a class at a specific time and location.
Thousands of Resources
Last but not least, an online prep course for the GRE® test has thousands of resources available at the tips of the fingers. Resources include thousands of videos, outlines, and audiocasts. The resources vary in format, allowing for all types of learners to find something that works for them. 
When studying for the GRE® test, taking an online course can be the best option. With the online course for the GRE® test through EMPOWER Test Prep, you will save money while having access to personalized study plans and thousands of resources. Contact EMPOWER Test Prep today to learn more about signing up for the online course.