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What Are the Best GRE® Test Prep Methods?

By Melanie On Feb 26, 2019 In  General GRE 


Every year, hundreds of thousands of graduate school hopefuls take the GRE® test. in order to make sure that they are prepared for graduate school. The test is often considered more difficult than other standardized tests, as it is designed for a higher level of education. There are all sorts of strategies and approaches when it comes to preparing for the GRE® test, but here are some of the best GRE® test prep tips that you can utilize to make sure that you score as high as possible.

Study It All

It might be tempting to identify what you consider to be your strength and weakness, and study that section or subject exclusively. However, this would be a big mistake. You might feel as though you should either study ONLY what you understand the best, or focus on your weaknesses - but this is not wise. The best GRE® test approach is to study comprehensively. Of course, this also means that you should give yourself more time to study what might not come naturally to you. Either way, studying it all is the best way to make sure that you score well.

Study a Little Every Day

Many people who are preparing for the GRE® test are extremely busy. But it's important to make time to study regularly. While you might tell yourself that you can fit all your test prep in on the weekends, you will not do your best work studying for overly long periods of time. It’s better to study a little bit every day, rather than cramming on the weekends. If you are able to break down all of your studying into daily manageable chunks, you'll make better progress mastering the material. The more you try to cram, the more likely you are to burn out.

Brush Up

Sometimes, we all need to go back and rediscover some of the concepts that we might have forgotten over the years. After all, rather than constantly getting frustrated at getting a certain type of practice question wrong, it might be worth it to just go back to that high school material and familiarize yourself with concepts that you're rusty on. Brushing up on some of the key lessons will help you study more effectively.


One of the great things about an exam is that you can always take practice exams to evaluate where you are. The beauty of practice exams is that each time you take one, it will seem less intimidating. You'll also get more and more familiar with the wording and "tricks" of the exam. There is no doubt that continuous practice is one of the best methods for the GRE® test that you can implement. 

With these GRE® test prep tips, you can be well on your way to acing the GRE® test . At the end of the day, however, the best GRE® test prep happens with the best GRE® test prep materials. If you're looking for a comprehensive online test prep for the GRE® test, visit EMPOWER Test Prep today.